Use caution for baby strollers

Brake valve stop when stop

The brakes of a baby's cart are usually on the wheel, and the child is not easily able to reach, and when there is a need to stop, be sure to brake the brake valve. The pram moves forward automatically when it is prevented from having a downhill and smooth surface.

Fasten your seat belt

When the baby is riding a cart, it is possible to wear a seatbelt when waking or sleeping, to avoid the possibility of a baby slipping out of a pram.

You can't stay in a pram

When the baby is in the cart, the family that looks after the baby must not leave the baby. The baby may have unexpected surprise in the car, and if you happen to walk away, you won't be able to deal with the consequences. When parents need to squat or turn around, they must brake the stroller brake and prevent the pram from moving itself.

A pram can't be overweight

Many mothers in when going out, especially when pushing the baby out, always put the pram loading content under the basket full of things, and also can hang the shopping bag with a lot of items on the armrest, doing so is not very safe, is likely to lead to tilt the pram.

Don't release hot drinks

Hot drinks are easy to burn if spilled.

Keep your baby from being trapped

When your mom and dad are opening the cart, don't let the baby get closer to prevent the folding chain from opening up to the baby's little finger.

Be sure to check when you use it

Before you use a cart, your mother must check all parts of the cart. Confirm that the screw nut is loose, whether the seat is reasonable, the brake valve is valid and so on.

Not playing in the cart

Babies sat cart, parents must be don't let the baby stroller as toys to play, more can't let baby stand on the shelf of the stroller, so easy to fall.

Pay attention to deadlines

Baby stroller generally apply to three and a half years old of above baby under the age of use, after more than three years is not recommended that sat on the cart, and within three years of the baby can't more than 15 kg.

A stroller can use five years or so, in use without damage, after the first baby use can keep the treasure, but trolley also need careful protection, to leave the second use oh baby!

Toys are placed in safe places

A lot of mothers use ropes to hang their toys on the baby's car, and it's worth noting that the rope is so strong that the toy doesn't fall down and hit the baby. Also make sure that the rope is not too long, and the long words may catch the baby's neck.