It's important to pick the first car for your baby.

It's not easy to take baby shopping or play. Choosing a suitable baby cart may help you a lot. But also pay attention to the problem of buying and using;

 choose a stroller. When buying, should check the product not to use the instruction manual, should follow the product instruction strictly according to the product specification to use and maintain, ensure the safety of the process. The cart is best 'special', because a single cart is designed scientifically and reasonably. By contrast, a product that is one or more of the same can sometimes be lost. In addition to the structure of the car, the children ‘s cart should also be aware that the lock mechanism and the insurance device of the cart are full and reliable. If it's just a failure of the lock mechanism, it could be a serious injury to a child. When buying, should pay attention to the height whether the height of the cart is appropriate, shoulder belt, cross belt, belt, buckle, seat belt, etc. Device is strong and reliable.

      Correct use of prams; Try not to push on the uneven road, the car bumps and wobbles, the baby is uncomfortable and may even hurt him. Don't push the cart to the road where there are more and more dust. The baby is sitting in a small car, low in position, close to the ground and inhaling more dust. Don't leave your baby alone at all times. There is no problem with checking the pram regularly. For example, the structure of the body structure is strong and there is no screw loose. Don't overuse baby strollers and get your baby to exercise more.