How to buy a children's cart

The cart plays an important role in the development of the baby, and the unqualified cart will carry the baby's safety at any time. When choosing a cart, parents should consider the price, brand and quality of the cart, carefully selecting the cart that suits their baby. It is suggested that parents should check the following points in the shopping cart when they are not eligible for the inspection.

   Whether the folding mechanism is flexible. If the baby is not flexible, the baby is lying in it, and the frame may suddenly fold up, causing the baby to be caught in the car, causing serious damage to the baby.

   Whether the cushioning effect of the cart is good. Very good damping effect can protect baby's brain, advised to choose a frame of arched structure, it can play a buffer shock effect, tire choose inflatable rubber tyre, and the greater the tire as wide as possible.

   The brake device is sensitive. When the cart needs to stop, the parent will lock the cart with the brakes. If the brakes fail and the adults aren't around, it's dangerous for the baby.

   The factors such as the cushion of the cart, the shade of the sun, the back of the cart, the handle of the cart, the seat belt, etc., should be the focus of the shopping cart.

   must from the normal channels all quality guaranteed cart goods of choose and buy, and should be according to the characteristics of the body of children intelligence, selecting appropriate age of cart goods. At the same time, it is important to read the logo and usage of the product logo carefully, and the product should be labeled "CCC"