How to buy a baby strollers

Buy prams, you know that

A stroller can be used to show off, but the function is the first

Many European star is really cool that cart design good Fried god, but the cart will turned out to be a tool, is convenient for travel and the baby's comfortable and service, the use of the real is not only for taking snapshots of that moment. A good pram should be functional, and a compact car must sacrifice functionality and space. A sturdy, stable car must not be too light. What a pram should focus on, in part 2 of the article.

Not a car can meet all your requirements.

There is no best pram, only the one that suits you best. The function of a car can best match your needs, which is perfect. But most of the mother in the first to buy when the pram, due to less information is not clear their own specific needs, so usually buy while learning, and then by the introduction brainwashed ~ see what features are feel good, should have, all of a sudden demand, but without a car to meet the needs of all! Similar to choose the pram and family car, you must know their own family activities way, do you want to use fixed number of year (e.g., going to have two children will extend the use fixed number of year), as well as the budget before hand.

Make a balance between appearance and price

Return to rational, baby stroller, after all, just a wheelbarrow, its core function is the most basic items, prices and strollers is just on the basis function more pursuit of perfection. Currently on the market a 23000 yuan cart has been able to meet all the basic functions and work is not bad, so spend 5 or 6 times the price to the pursuit of luxury type cart really worth? And the average age is no longer than three years.

These functions are the most important

In small trees mom bought two Eva three trolley before and after their experience, and long-term receives the mothers about their pram praise or ridicule, sums up the most important function of the pram as follows, cart when the choose and buy must pay attention to the 9 items. How to buy a baby cart

Sit comfortably in the chair. Sea the thickness of pads, back of a chair of the joint degrees, seat width, bind soft hard, lock will burp the belly, like it or not will directly affect the baby sitting in the car.

Can the back of the back be flat? If the baby can only sit and sleep, the small head droops over the shoulder and is uncomfortable. For babies under 6 months must be able to flat to at least 170 .

Turn your face forward and back. Interrotation is very useful. When the weather is good wind is less, let the baby facing forward own view and admire nature, meet with windy or suddenly began to rain, let the baby change the surface will be blow directly to the wind and rain. In addition, young babies often fall asleep or have a mood, and the baby faces a lot of peace with their mother.

Feet can be flat. Young children need to lay their feet flat while sitting, and they will also be more comfortable when they sleep.

Tall landscapes. A high view can make your baby's vision better, and it can also be seen in your mother's eye, making eye contact more intimate. The myth that the car exhausts the car fumes is the only thing that makes the difference in the air that the baby is breathing.

Shock absorbability. It's not so good to avoid earthquakes, it's about sitting comfortably. At present, the market price is more than 1, 000, and there is a shock-absorbable function, and the baby's car industry is a BUGABOO, but the price is also very low.

It's easy to disassemble. If you're driving out, the cart needs to be put in the trunk, or you're going to be able to take a train plane, and you need to remove it easily, such as a keypad.

8. Light. As long as you need to pick up the vehicle, the lighter the better.

The size of the storage basket. Who knows, the bigger the bucket, the bigger the better, with the baby out with a pile of things and a bunch of stuff, not in the car, not in the car?

All prams can be classified into the following five categories, but the models for Chinese moms are mainly the first two - standard prams and umbrellas.

A standard pram

Standard strollers are affordable and most moms' choices, ranging from birth to child. So there's a lot of variety in this type of car, all kinds of styles and designs.

The most basic configuration is: there is a comfortable cushioned seat, which adjusts the Angle of leaning back, from vertical to lean, to lying flat. There is an awning; There is a storage space beneath the seat.

Choosing a standard trolley needs to be aware of these points:

The Angle of leaning on the back is better than the three and can be flattened.

It is necessary to put your feet flat, especially for the baby.

Stability is good, not too thin.