Hand in hand teaches you to choose a baby strollers

"A child enlarging the world and exposing hidden things. No child can understand this." "Mr. Shea wrote in" having children."

This is what parents really understand. When two people world, perhaps a lot of attention is the cosmetics, clothing, cars, football, ever noticed what baby strollers, baby bottles, milk powder, diapers and so on. These things are simply called names.

Now let's talk about how to choose a baby (under one year old).

Choose a baby cart to focus on the shock and height.

The benefits of cushioning are clear

baby strollers can be cushioned and can help prevent brain tissue from getting damaged. The baby is delicate, and the intense turbulence can easily affect the normal development of their brain. Shock absorbing good stroller, through sexual better, walk some not too flat on the ground, such as plot of deceleration zone, the goose warm stone road, grass and even the villages and towns of some of the dirt road, shock absorption effect is obvious, comfort is higher.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy a baby stroller with a shock-absorbing effect. General newborns are mainly purchase steady heavy cart is given priority to, because of the heavy cart, shock absorption and high landscape is don't need to think about, because both. And it's very simple to judge a stroller, but it's also very simple. You don't have to look at the brand, you don't have to look at the price, you can just look at the weight. Heavy heavy vehicles usually weigh 12kg.

In addition, the impact of shock absorber in baby stroller is mainly seen in three aspects: frame, shock shock and shock absorption.

Frame: the frame of the frame of some baby stroller is made of a bow structure, with a combination of stiffness and bending, which can cushion the vibration of moderate degree.

Shock absorption are spring suspension and tire damping buggies, spring suspension is mainly used to install on the plastic wheel seat and different tube spring, tire damping is using big wheels of inflated tire, some carts will take double shock. For urban life, spring shock absorber has been largely met with the need; Inflatable tyres tend to be larger, more comfortable, and more adaptable to rough terrain. Other rubber is also important.

The benefits of high landscapes are also clear

Usually, we will be able to make the seat more than 1250px tall.

Baby is higher, and the distance we adults, and a better vision, parents need not bow or owe higher height can cart or interact with the baby

Today, car exhaust is particularly polluted, and it has sunk to about 35 centimetres. As far as everyone is concerned, it is a false statement that the high landscape avoids the car exhaust. Our adult is 4125px height cannot avoid car exhaust completely, that 2750px height? So the best way to avoid car exhausts and any pram is to try to keep the streets as low as possible.

Seat Angle: no more than 175 degrees

Many parents consider it a myth that babies are less likely to sit alone and are more likely to choose a baby pram, which is 180 degrees. Because the baby is lying flat at 180 degrees, it can be hard to choke on the road, and it's dangerous if your parents aren't around. As a result, European and European countries stipulate that baby cart should not exceed 175 degrees. The baby cart is flat in an Angle of 165 to 170 degrees.

Seat direction: best to face mom and dad

Parents can reduce their fear of the outside world, give their babies more security and increase emotional communication with their parents. As a result, it is recommended that young babies be given priority over the baby stroller that can be fitted in a two-way seat.

In addition, parents of car owners, it is best to choose a children's cart that can seamlessly connect children's safe seats.