Child Safety Seat-Parents' Choice

    With the development of social economy, the traffic modes of people have changed, too. Now there are many cars existing in the family of ordinary people. For those families with children, the safety of their children cannot be ignored, so the safety seat has become a necessity for them.

    Car child seat, also known as child restraint system, is designed for children of different ages (or weight) and installed in the car. It can effectively improve the safety of children when they are in the car. When a car crash or sudden slowdown happened, it can reduce the impact on children by limiting the movement of children to reduce their harm and ensure their safety.

    With the constant emphasis on child safety, a variety of car children's seats have been developed to protect children of different height and age over the past 40 years. Currently common children's seats on the market are divided into infant type, convertible type, booster type and all-around type. For different types of children’s seats, their structure, the fixed position in the car and fixed methods are all different. If there is a traffic accident, a reasonable choice of car children's safety seats and the correct use of them can play a timely and effective protection for children.