Baby Stroller

    baby stroller is not only babies’ favorite walking vehicle, but also moms’ necessity when shopping. However, baby stroller can also be divided into different kinds according to babies’ age and usage. So there are many different kinds of baby strollers can be chosen.

    Baby stroller in the market can be generally divided into ordinary home care model and outside use model. The outside use model includes luxury model and light weight model. Besides, there is also tricycle used especially outside with quite big tyres.

    The function of baby stroller includes awning, cushion, foldable baby carriage, safety belt, quakeproof device, brake device, height adjustment device, etc. Customers can choose different kinds of baby stroller according to the different functions.

    Safety is the most important factor when choosing baby stroller. Sometimes, a small fault can hurt babies. There are also some attention need to be paid. For example, moms should check the baby stroller before using; babies should wear safety belt in the baby stroller; the speed shouldn’t be too fast in case of danger.